Stop Overthinking Your Relationship | McKell Kristen

Free video training

The Christian's
Guide to ROCD

In this video you will learn…

  1. What ROCD & faith can look like
  2. Three mindset shifts that help create less fear around God, relationships, and decision making

Free Live Workshop:

Loving with Ease

Saturday, August 5th at 10am (CT)

In this class you will learn…

  1. Why love feels hards
  2. Blocks from Love
  3. Tips for Opening Up to Love in your Relationship

Free Live Workshop:

Secrets to Stop Nitpicking

Monday, April 24th at 12pm (CT)

In this class you will learn…

  1. Why You Nitpicking Your Partner
  2. Things that Keep You Stuck in Nitpicking Mode
  3. Three tools to help you shift out of nitpicking