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When I got engaged, I freaked out. And not in a good way.

My brain bombarded me with thoughts like…

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And these doubts terrified me.

‘Cause doubt always means don’t. Or does it?

During the times I was thinking clearly, I saw that my relationship was a good one.

He treated me kindly and with respect. We had similar values and life goals. He checked off many of the boxes on my list of an ideal partner (of course, before my perfectionistic brain went on overdrive with that list).

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I didn't trust myself

But I didn’t trust myself to make such a big choice.

I wanted everyone else to validate that my choice was right. I wanted God to tell me it was for sure the right choice. I compared other relationships to mine to figure out if we were actually in love.

Fast forward to today, I now show up with confidence and love in my relationship.

I spent thousands of hours learning about the brain, anxiety, and love so you don’t have to.

I love helping my clients learn how to trust themselves so they are willing to take risks and go all in on creating the love and connection they crave.

stop doubting and start loving

Stop doubting and start loving.

I know personally how exhausting and painful relationship anxiety is.

And on the flip side, I know how much mental freedom, peace and confidence is available.

It is so rewarding for me seeing my clients transform from self-doubting to self-assured.

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I use a mindfulness based approach to help my clients

Shift out of fear mode and authentically reconnect with love.

My method is shame free, all while aligning with my Christian values. This approach will help you start feeling more connection and acceptance with your partner (and yourself).

After working together, my clients feel a new sense of presence in their relationship.

Connection and peace feel more natural and easy.

There is a newfound sense of trust in themselves and their choices.

My clients are able to relax and feel safe in their relationship, so they can use their brain energy to work on other areas of life.

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Are you ready to stop doubting and start loving?

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