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Never have doubts about your relationship


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You have to leave

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Your relationship has such beautiful potential.

You just need help getting your brain on board.

Your brain believes overthinking is a prerequisite to experiencing love…

I want to show you another way.

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How to stop overthinking

Once you get the How to Stop Overthinking mini-course, you will learn…

My Unique Approach

My coaching work comes from two lenses: your nervous system and your mindset.

Fear-based belief systems keep you stuck in your patterns of overthinking. We work with your mindset to start thinking intentionally and to believe new things (rather than chasing every thought your brain throws at you).

Through nervous system work, we will get past the blocks that keep you emotionally feeling stuck and those fears that are too deep to simply talk yourself out of.

When you work with me...

You get access to my expertise on relationship anxiety and strategies to implement and actually start making changes in your life.

This work goes so much deeper than just reading about relationship anxiety or listening to a podcast.

Coaching is an experience. An experience that aligns your very core to love. There is nothing else quite like it.

Ready to start your healing journey? Begin here with the mini-course How to Stop Overthinking Your Relationship.

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Ready to start your healing?

Start here with the How to Stop Overthinking Your Relationship free mini-course