Hello and welcome to the Relationship Anxiety Podcast. I’m your host, McKell Kristen. And today we are talking about self-trust and why you need it to have the kind of love you want to have.

Here’s more of what you can expect in this episode:

✨ The connection between self-trust and overcoming relationship anxiety

✨ How social conditioning impacts our ability to trust ourselves in relationships

✨ The pitfalls of seeking external validation and direction for your relationship

✨ Practical ways to build and strengthen self-trust

✨ The importance of tuning into your own needs and your partner’s needs rather than following external rules

✨ How to navigate conflicting advice and find what works best for your unique relationship

✨ Real-life examples of breaking conventional relationship rules to create a healthier, more authentic bond

✨ Encouragement to embrace your own authority in your relationship decisions

✨ Strategies for effective communication with your partner to co-create a relationship that suits both of you

Don’t miss this enlightening episode on cultivating self-trust and taking charge of your relationship. Listen now and learn how to build the love life you truly desire!