In this episode of the Relationship Anxiety Podcast, your host McKell teaches how to be more relaxed and less controlling in your relationship. McKell shares her insights on how expectations around controlling behaviors can impact our relationships and our joy. McKell dives into the importance of acceptance, effective communication, and evolving with your partner, providing valuable insights and practical tips for managing relationship difficulties. Here’s more of what you can expect in this episode: ✨ Understanding the impact of controlling behaviors on relationship joy ✨ The ongoing process of personal and relationship growth ✨ How to navigate and accept relationship challenges ✨ The importance of effective communication ✨ Balancing roles and expectations in relationships ✨ The significance of being flexible with roles as they change ✨ Understanding and valuing your partner’s needs and desires ✨ The power of genuine curiosity in resolving conflicts ✨ The importance of self-regulation in addressing relationship issues ✨ How to approach problems with compassion and openness Don’t miss out on this chance to gain valuable insights into managing relationship challenges. Listen now and learn how to cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling partnership!