In this episode of the Relationship Anxiety Podcast, your host McKell Kristen takes you on a delightful journey of creating more romance in your relationship. Today, we’re diving into how to sprinkle a bit of magic into your everyday life and love.

Romance isn’t just about grand gestures or fancy date nights—it’s about romanticizing your life, and making ordinary moments special.

Here’s more of what you can expect in this episode:

✨ How to romanticize your everyday life and find joy in small moments

✨ Why relationships, like life, can feel monotonous and how to break the cycle

✨ The power of intention in creating romance in your relationship

✨ Practical tips for adding more romance to your relationship

✨ Why it’s okay for things to not always feel magical and how to embrace it

✨ The difference between romanticizing and having unrealistic expectations

✨ How to bring the fantasy of romance into reality

✨ Simple ways to create special moments with your partner

✨ Embracing the curated nature of romance in media without letting it distort your expectations

Don’t miss this chance to discover how to infuse your relationship with romance and create beautiful, intentional moments with your partner. Listen now and get ready to transform your love life!