In this episode of the Relationship Anxiety Podcast, your host McKell takes you on a journey to discover the “love idol”—that pesky habit of putting romantic relationships on a pedestal. Ever felt like your partner should be your everything, your ultimate source of happiness? McKell’s explainshow that sets you up for disappointment and anxiety.

McKell dives into why we often expect too much from our partners and how this can lead to a cycle of dissatisfaction. She shares a fresh perspective on finding true fulfillment through a deeper connection with God, rather than solely relying on our romantic relationships.

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Here’s more of what you can expect in this episode:

✨ Why romantic relationships aren’t the ultimate source of happiness

✨ The dangers of idolizing your partner

✨ How to find true fulfillment through a connection with God

✨ Personal stories about the honeymoon phase and its pitfalls

✨ Why expecting a partner to “save” you is unrealistic

✨ The importance of self-worth independent of relationships

✨ How to shift from a consumerist mindset in love

✨ The role of Godly love in building strong relationships

✨ Recognizing and releasing unrealistic expectations

✨ Why your partner can’t be your sole source of joy

✨ How to enjoy your relationship without idolizing it

Don’t miss out on this chance to find out how to keep the love alive and thriving in a healthier, more fulfilling way. Listen now and get ready to transform your love life!